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net curtains with guipures

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0441 curtain [] 25 euro

Ready curtain of smooth, white voile cut in the bow and trimmed with guipure with a width of approx. 30 cm.
The sides of the curtains are edged with white piping.
Curtain sewn on tape wrinkling.
Curtain also has a tunnel that allows pulling on the curtain rod.
Curtains before gathering width is 350 cm +/- 3%, the amount curtains on the sides is 170 cm +/- 3%

Width: 400 cm
Height: 180 cm
White colour

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0444 net curtain [] 20 euro

Curtain pulled aside
Width: 360 cm
Length: 160 cm
You can choose left or right side
Curtain has the tape and tunnel

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0746 [] 22 euro

height 150cm
Width 400cm
Height Guipure 5 cm
Color: White


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